A Guide to Baidu PPC Advertising


Whether you are a budding SME or part of corporate company and interested to move forward to Baidu PPC marketing services, it is essential for you to know what is Baidu PPC, how it works, or how is its bidding process etc.
Equally, as you are planning to put your website in Baidu advertising, you need to follow certain steps ranging from preparation of Chinese version of your website, meeting legal formalities, submission of official documents and things to let the process start. In a nutshell, while going through the details, it may appear that Baidu pay per click is just a counterpart of Google Adwords since in many ways it maintains relatively the same course of action.

What is Baidu PPC?

Baidu PPC is a consistent SEM tool that enables its prospective advertisers to make bidding on an array of keywords with a view to display their ads or sites, on clicking by audience, in Baidu’s search engine results. The advantage of PPC is advertisers are required to pay on the number of clicks only based on the price fixed in bidding, which makes it a cost effective marketing tool.

Here, it is to be noted that, for an effective PPC campaign; choosing appropriate keywords and presentation of an engaging ad/ website matters significantly. This is where the expertise of an SEO is important. Baidu PPC is also known as Baidu Adwords, Baidu SEM, or Baidu Tuiguang etc.

Cost of Baidu PPC

In order to open a Baidu PPC account, you require paying 5000 RMB as a deposit money which will be utilized during your sales campaign.

Ad Position and CPC

Akin to Google, in order to settle-on the ad positions and cost per click (CPC), Baidu advertising typically review the factors including Bid price, Quality Score, Baidu’s Trust Score and behavioral database of the searchers. Let us analyze the factors one after another.

 Baidu’s Trust Score

This is a point system maintained by Baidu to evaluate how dependable and truthful an advertiser as per Baidu’s calculation. Every advertiser is initially accounted for 100 points, and in case of violating sales promotion guidelines like banned product promotion, several points are deducted from the trust score.

 Quality Score

It is calculated on the basis of ad quality, relevance of content, landing page standard, keyword consistency, user experience and comments and predicted rate of clicking.

 Bidding Price

With a low quality score, you will require paying higher CPC, while a high score and better ranking helps you enjoy a lower CPC. Initially, the cost you are willing to pay against every click on your ads is your bidding price.

Tracking Baidu PPC performance

Baidu Analytics is brilliantly designed that help you tracking overall performance of your PPC campaign in China.

Steps to Get Started

 Get Your Website Ready

Since, now your target audience is Chinese and the website will be displayed in Baidu advertising, the site should be translated into Chinese. Look for a Chinese or Sugar Land SEO company who can support you on this. To maximize the conversion rate of your PPC campaign, make sure that the site is engaging to Chinese consumers.

 Go through a Baidu Reseller

Other than local clients, Baidu is not entertaining any account of foreign advertisers. Therefore, search for a Baidu’s registered reseller who will work as your guide all through the process to open an account.

 Submit Docs and Get Verified

Verification is a wide process of Baidu and for this; you have to submit all official documents such as company name, address of registered office, phone numbers, Chinese translation of business registration certificate, with handwritten declaration along with website.

No advertisers are allowed to promote products like drugs, pornographic sites, gambling thru Baidu advertising. For medical products, all necessary documents should be submitted. Your bank details, local tax certification, tax clearance documents are also required.

 Clear Payment on Approval

It takes nearly 15-30 days to get Baidu’s approval. Once you receive approval, sign the agreement to open your Baidu PPC account. Now you have to pay the down payment as stated above.

 You PPC Ad Site is Now On

Once payment is clear and other official formalities are over, within 5-7 days, you will see you site on Baidu Advertisement.

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