The Five Most Common Types of SEO Services for Startups


Marketing a startup is different that marketing an established business. The majority of the startups knows SEO can play an important role in their success. But they don’t understand a basic SEO strategy will not help them get the success they desire. SEO has become more complex and it is more than playing with keywords.

Handling SEO internally can be less advantageous. And so you need an San Francisco, New York or Seattle SEO agency that can help your audience discover your startup. Thus, here are 5 most common types of SEO services offered to startups.

  1.       Keyword Research

It is the most important element of SEO project. Before writing down a plan to improve Google rankings, you must know which keywords to target. In general, you need to target 1-2 keywords with each page.

The keywords you target should relate closely to your business niche. For example, if your business offers roof repairs and replacements, the targeted keywords can be “Repair roof”, “Fix roof” or any other synonyms.

While selecting the keywords, the Houston SEO firm will look for search volume for each keyword; the more the better.

The Five Most Common Types of SEO Services for Startups

  1.       Page Creation

Once you have the keyword list ready, you need to create pages for relevant keywords. Without relevant page on your website, you will not be able to achieve higher ranking in search engine results.

While creating pages relevant to keywords, you need to focus on these important things

  • Every page on the website should have unique content with the right placement of keywords.
  • The content on the page should be interesting enough to ensure higher search engine ranking and a lower bounce rate.
  • Keep page URL’s closer to the domain. Avoid nesting pages in directory paths
  • The page content should be long enough

Ensure the SEO agency you choose does a high-quality job when creating a page for keywords.

  1.       Page Optimization

Besides creating interesting and unique page content, you need to also optimize the page for search engines. After all search engines are computer programs so they need some helping hand for a better understanding of the content on the page.

A good SEO agency will take all steps to ensure the technical underpinnings are done at the right place so that search engine spiders are able to read and index content on the page in the best way. Some of the page optimizations activities performed by SEO agency are

  • Including synonyms of keywords in the page content
  • Creating keyword related <title> tags for all pages
  • Optimize anchor text of links on all pages
  • Add notation to images so that search engine spiders/bots understand the visual content
  1.       Link Building

Just keywords are not enough to get good search engine rankings. There are several pages on the Internet that offer similar content. So how does Google algorithm rank pages with similar content?

The answer is it looks for quality backlinks. Google considers inbound and outbound links while giving page ranks.

When your SEO service provider talks about backlinking, ensure they are focusing on quality instead of quantity. The best backlinking projects are handled manually which ensures good ranking for your website.

  1.       Technical Audit

A technical audit is a critical element of SEO as it finds out what is holding back organic performance of the site. A good SEO agency will perform a technical audit after applying all SEO techniques to your website to boost your rankings.

The technical audit paper generally mentions what needs to be done and explain actions that need to be taken and explain why they are important.

Startups have new websites with lots of pages and new content. A technical audit will take a closer look at all elements of SEO and optimize elements like page content, categories, tags, and content types such as audio, video, and podcasts.

Time is precious for startup and every entrepreneur understands they have less time to establish them as a reckoning force in the market. Instead of wasting time on managing everything internally(without guarantee of success), it is always a good idea to employ the services of an SEO agency that has all expertise, experience, and tools to improve your search engine rankings that can help you reach a wider audience.

Do you know any other SEO aspect that startups should focus on?

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