Five Things to Consider Before Hiring eCommerce Agency


Ecommerce in China is extremely competitive. Which is why you need to hire the right China eCommerce agency if you are looking to sell your products and services in China.

Hiring the right eCommerce agency in China is not easy. Tieing up with the wrong agency will not only mean that there will be a wastage of money but also a waste of precious time. Your competitors may use this time to move ahead and establish themselves firmly in China.

Here are five things to consider while hiring an eCommerce agency in China:

1.   The Agency’s Portfolio

While choosing an eCommerce agency, you should look carefully at their portfolio. How do the websites work? Are the web designs attractive enough? Are they experienced in your industry?

An agency’s portfolio usually speaks for itself. It will give you a fair idea of whether you should work with that agency. While looking at their portfolio, try to determine their skill level and expertise. Make sure if they are qualified for the task at hand.

Find out what kind of success have they achieved for the businesses they have worked with. Look for concrete results-business has increased this much in this period of time. What are the various strategies that have been used?

The most important thing to look for is whether the agency has tried something out of the ordinary. eCommerce agencies often get into the grind of using the same set of strategies that had some measure of success in the past. Does their work suggest that there is at least an attempt at innovative thinking?

By choosing a China eCommerce agency with a strong portfolio, you can evaluate their strengths and how these strengths will help you succeed in the business of eCommerce in China. 

2.  Proof of Satisfied Clients

Look for an eCommerce agency that has satisfied clients. One way of knowing about customer satisfaction is to go through customer testimonials. They will give you a perspective about how the agency has been able to add value to their clients.

Online reviews and social media posts are another way of knowing about an eCommerce agency. Every business will get some negative reviews. Some are legitimate, some are fake and some are from competitors.

Good reviews are much harder to get for a business than bad reviews. So, keep that in mind when you do your due diligence. Look for common themes within the good reviews. Do the customers mention particular services or challenges that the agency overcame for them?

3.  Culture and Personal Fit

The chemistry you share with the eCommerce agency is important. As a client, you would want to make sure that your voice is heard and your opinions are given importance. You would want to partner with an agency that is emphatic to your needs.

If you get along with people in the eCommerce agency it will help you to work together to achieve success. Speak to the experts in the agency, ideally those people who will be working on your project should you hire the agency. See if you can gel.

It is important to analyze the nature of the communication between you and those at the agency. Is it authentic? Also, do they give importance to business ethics and values? Do you think it would be possible to respect each other culturally and personally?

4.  Remembering Faster isn’t Always Better

Almost all businesses are looking for fast results. This prompts many eCommerce agencies to make false promises to stay competitive. The problem with this tactic is that it hurts both the agency and the businesses that hired them.

The agency you hire should show you some value for your time but you must also give them sufficient scope to come out with an appropriate plan that would work for your eCommerce business. 

5.  Your Budget

You should have a minimum and maximum budget for your eCommerce agency. Most agencies accommodate a wide range of budgets. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have a low budget, you won’t get a good eCommerce agency.

However, you should know where your money is going. It is important to be able to measure the return on investment.

So do you’ve any questions about hiring a China eCommerce agency?

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