How Important Is SEO to The Success of Your Small/large Business?


Close to 3.5 billion Google searches are made every single day: let this sink in for a while. A number that high can only mean one thing; people are becoming more and more reliant on the internet for answers. The chances are that people are already looking up something your company offers online right now. How do you get them to click on the link to your company website? How do you get the traffic up and going while engaging with potential customers and helping them decide that your services are the ideal choice for them? How do you convince them to pick you out of a thousand other options? The answer is simple, really. Get your company to become Search Engine Optimized (SEO)!

What Is SEO?

Let’s run over the basics real quick. SEO is the practice of using worldwide search engines (like Google or Bing) to promote your brand, market your business, and put your company’s website in front of a larger target audience. After all, they are searching away; they might as well find your website while they’re at it! Search engines like Google offer paid ad methods, but the real way to attain new levels of marketing potential for your company is through SEO without paying for ads.

The “SEO Effect”

SEO is an integral part to the ideal digital marketing strategy. There are multiple ways to grow your business (whether small or large) by means of the internet, such as social media, YouTube or video marketing, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, etc. The list is endless, really. But what sets SEO apart from the other means of digital marketing?

Social media ads are uncalled for; you may be browsing through your Instagram feed when your paid ad pops up on a customer’s feed: there’s a chance you catch their attention, but there’s an equal probability that you won’t. However, with search engines, they’re expecting to see something related to your website because they’ve searched for it. This is what’s known as the SEO effect: it’s really all about showing up when people have a question that needs an appropriate solution.

The Main Benefits of SEO

Brand Awareness

The biggest challenge for small/medium-sized companies is their brand’s UN-awareness. But with the right SEO tools, your site will appear on the first page of the major Google search engine! This is the biggest advantage of getting a higher ranking on the SERPs! Your potential customer would choose to trust your brand over others when it has a good web presence. Whether you want to expand your brand awareness locally or nationally, you have to take the first step of investing in SEO; and there’s no better way to do this than hiring an SEO expert company to do so!

Better Conversion Rates

Not to mention, once this SEO-optimized website is up, it will be faster, easier for customers to surf, and displayed perfectly on all types of devices (phones, tablets, etc.). This, turns out, is a great way to grab the attention of the customer, which in turn helps generate loyal customers, returning web surfers, and subscribers! For new companies in their embryonic stages, one of the biggest aims is to improve conversion rates.

The SEO Effect?

If you own a small or large business in Plano and are wondering about hiring the services of a Plano SEO agency, you’re not wrong to do. Since the primary concern for most businesses is to retrieve as much traffic to their website as possible (which in turn, helps in increasing revenue), considering an SEO agency in Plano would be beneficial. Note that SEO is not something that can be learned overnight; even if you have the key basics under your belt, the benefits of a Plano SEO agency include ample experience in the field, professionalism, and save time, energy, and (believe it or not) money for you!

The Importance of SEO to your Business

As you may have deduced by now, a poorly maintained or non-existent SEO strategy can have catastrophic repercussions to your business, big or small, considering the role it plays in the world of digital marketing today. The effects of SEO will only grow larger with time, so there’s really no escaping it either.

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