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While expanding your business overseas to tap the vast Chinese market is an attractive proposition, it comes fraught with the difficulties of navigating complex legalities in a language you may not be entirely familiar with. Further, there is also the crucial issue of marketing your brand to your potential customers. Again, without knowing Cantonese, Mandarin, or any of the other languages spoken in China, it is going to be an uphill task to convince people that your products or services will bring them much-needed benefits.

So, what do you do? Put your business on hold until you develop your multilingual skills? Well, a better idea would be to hire a digital marketing company in China to handle your marketing campaigns for you. Let’s consider some of the major activities that a digital marketing company will perform to help boost your business:

They will steer you around bureaucratic roadblocks

Establishing your business in China involves providing the local authorities with your business registration and various other documents, paying a requisite fee, and then waiting for a few months to get the official permission. Depending on what your business is, you may also need to obtain permission from several civic bodies. You will also need to understand and comply with local codes and legalities.

Such matters can be daunting enough in your own language, but doubly so when you can’t make head or tail of the official documents. However, with a reputable and experienced digital marketing company to guide you through the bureaucratic process, the task will be considerably more manageable.

They will vet your marketing concepts

While you may have certain ideas about how you want to market your products and services, it will be best if you review them again with the digital marketing company in China. This is especially essential if you come from a country that is culturally very different from China. What works abroad may not necessarily be as effective or, even, acceptable in China.

To successfully market to the Chinese, you need to understand their social, economic, and political cultures, and the influence these have on their everyday lives. And the quickest way to understand is by having someone from the same culture guide you and advise you about nuances you might have otherwise missed. The digital marketing company will come up with advertising campaigns that will avoid cultural faux pas and resonate better with the target audience.

They will help set up your social media account

Getting a business account on the leading Chinese social media platforms can be almost as complicated as getting permission to do business in the country. Since the Chinese government wants to make sure that only legitimate and law-abiding businesses can gain access to the Chinese market, they are diligent about vetting businesses before they allow them to use social media in China.

The digital marketing company in China will help you to file the paperwork for opening a social media account. And, after the official approval, they will assist you with setting up the account and formulating an effective social media marketing plan.

They will help you identify potential customers

Targeting the right demographics is one of the essential tenets of successful marketing. So, if you want your brand to become a household name in China, you will need to research your ideal customers. What age group is most likely to use your products and services? Will women be more likely to buy them than men? Are your offerings geared more towards a particular socio-economic class? Where are your ideal customers located?

Bear in mind that what might sell in Tier-1 cities in China may not fly off the online shelves in Tier-3 or Tier-4 cities. Also, you won’t have much luck if you advertise super-luxury items to a young audience without much spending power.

They will help you market to the right demographics

That can include connecting with regular people and influencers on social media, setting up PPC advertising, creating advertising banners, writing advertisement copy, making marketing videos, organizing promotional events, and more.

As you see, teaming up with a digital marketing company in China will be distinctly advantageous in establishing a strong business foothold in the country.

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