Reasons Why Weibo Marketing is Better than Other Social Media Marketing


As you move through this article, you will understand why we mention Weibo marketing.

Reason #1

Weibo is a microblogging space that is popular in China. Comparing it with other social media channels of the Western world might not be easy. It is because Weibo is unique in many ways. It combines the features of Reddit, Facebook. Youtube and Instagram as well as Twitter. Yes, you read it right! It has many different features that resemble all these social media platforms. This is the first reason Why Weibo Marketing (adstochina.westwin.com/Weibo-marketing) is Better than Other Social Media Marketing.

Reason #2

Second, Weibo is growing every year in its user count. Though newbies like TikTok and evergreen WeChat are in existence in China, Weibo has never lost its charm. Its growth last year was 17% and most of the users are youth. This makes it another reason why you should include Weibo marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Reason #3

The third reason is Weibo is a proven platform. Many businesses like Tourism New Zealand, clothing brand North Face, Intel, Cisco, etc successfully leveraged Weibo Marketing to boost their conversions.

Reason #4

Next, Weibo is an open platform, unlike WeChat. User’s comments are visible to everyone on Weibo. Thus, you can choose Weibo to inform about your brand if you want to hit the pulse of a large user base at once.

Reason #5

Weibo has a specific style when it comes to allotting its profiles to businesses. Once your profile is verified, Weibo will push your profile into the relevant categories. For example, if you are a fashion clothing business wanting to make use of Weibo marketing, then you can reach users who are more interested in fashion, shopping, and the latest fashion trends. This way reaching a targeted audience is easy on Weibo.

Reason #6

Content is king on Weibo. Though the principle holds for any content marketing and digital marketing strategy, on Weibo it gets truer. Users love to share the informative and value-adding content that they come across on Weibo. You can find content created on video platforms of all types on Weibo. There are TV ads, there are youtube videos and there can also be videos shared by social media influencers, sports stars, etc. Any video or content that provides value to the audience finds its place on Weibo. Thus, if you are one of those marketers who realize the power of content, Weibo is a channel you should not miss making the maximum use of.

Reason #7

Weibo is a stiff competitor to WeChat and QQ. Though the number of users on Weibo is lesser than on WeChat, one can see the trend that users of Weibo are more dedicated to the platform. Weibo is in a way a great choice to deliver your message to a wider audience who have been with the platform for years.

Reason #8

Weibo users know the pulse of trending businesses. You can see many influencers (called wanghong in Chinese) on Weibo. In China, customers usually believe that products and services endorsed by influencers and celebrities as worth exploring. They trust them more compared to those that lie dormant. Another sentiment in China is that users favor those products that are shared by their friends and peers. This way also Weibo helps immensely as one can find that there is an open comment feature in Weibo that displays anyone’s opinions to the whole group of audience.

What does it take to get started with Weibo Marketing?

Starting an online marketing strategy in China is a time taking one. Many paperwork and stringent rules need to be filled to get permission to begin marketing for your brand in China. Taking the help of local digital marketing in China who are experts in social media marketing on Chinese platforms is one best way to speed up the process. By choosing such services, you can also eliminate the hassles of language barriers and get smooth results from the government agencies that provide permissions. While there is no dearth in the number of digital marketing agencies in China, choosing a reputed one can help assure peace of mind and results too. All the best with your Weibo marketing!

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