The Role of the Digital Marketing Agency to Improve Your Business


With 1.3 billion Chinese customers online, the Chinese market is arguably one of the biggest in the world. However, the market is difficult to break into since Google, Facebook, Twitter are being blocked. The only solution is working with a China digital marketing agency.

Here are some ways in which a digital marketing agency can improve your business.

Effective Use of Social Media Platforms

As mentioned earlier, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China. However, this does not mean the Chinese audience does not use social media platforms. For example, Weibo and Wechat are two popular social media platforms in China. But western countries are unfamiliar with these Chinese social media platforms.

Weibo is projected to surpass 400 million users by 2021. It has evolved into an entertaining platform that encompasses features of Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit into one.

Chinese digital marketing agencies know the marketing potential of these social media platforms and use them effectively to improve your business.

Smarter Use of Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC is different from Google Ads in several aspects. If you think marketing strategies that worked on Google Ads would work on Baidu PPC, you are making a big mistake. Unlike Google where English is the dominant language, Baidu PPC success rate entirely depends on a better understanding of Chinese language and culture.

Baidu has evolved to better optimize its search technology to the needs of the Chinese audience. The Chinese language is complex and there are several words that have different meanings when used in different contexts. Baidu’s search algorithms give lots of importance to the relevance of the context in which the words are used in the content.

A good Chinese digital marketing agency will ensure the information feed ads are loaded with organic content and are also displayed in content-driven Baidu products like Baidu News, Baidu Forum, and more that will draw more customers.

Content Localization

If you are planning to reach the Chinese audience, the localization of content is important than anything else. For better engagement, the marketing material needs to be written in Mandarin Chinese with pertinent cultural references.

The digital marketing agency can play an important role in creating marketing materials that engage local Chinese audience. It can help you decide what content needs to be produced in Chinese from scratch. The China digital marketing agency can also help your business with the following tasks.

  • Create a Mandarin Chinese website for your business
  • Create a microsite to support a specific campaign
  • Landing pages in Chinese
  • Copywriting for advertising in the Chinese language
  • Copywriting for email campaigns in the Mandarin Chinese language


To reach a maximum number of Chinese consumers, your website should achieve top ranking on Baidu. The competition for the top position on Baidu’s SERP is immense and you need effective SEO strategies to beat the competition.

According to reports, Baidu holds 75% of the China market. Though Google is blocked in China, it still remains as one of the options for Chinese people to search for information.

A good digital marketing agency would conduct a site audit for SEO purpose and perform Chinese keyword research. To get higher position in SERPs, the digital marketing agency would also perform on-page optimization and create a high-quality link network. All these SEO activities would increase organic traffic to your website that would improve your business.

Help in E-commerce Setup

China has the world’s largest e-commerce market. To build a successful e-commerce store and reach Chinese consumers, you need to have a good understanding of banking and regulation guidelines and Chinese payment system.

To set up an e-commerce store for Chinese customers you need to also learn about e-commerce platforms that are not blocked in China. A digital marketing agency can prove helpful to set up an e-commerce store to attract Chinese consumers.

The competition in China market is huge with Western and native Chinese companies vying to create a space for themselves. Working with a China digital marketing agency will help you reach the Chinese audience in an easier way and ensure you achieve your business goals faster.

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