Tips to Hire White Label SEO Services


SEO is not as easy as it seems. In the last few years, SEO has gone through several revolutions. SEO is divided into several elements and it not easy for businesses to offer every SEO service. An easy solution to the problem is hiring white label SEO services that offer complete SEO package.

With so many white label service providers competing, selecting the right one can be a daunting task. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of tips that would help you hire the best white label SEO Company.

Determine Your Priorities

Before selecting any white label service provider, you need to determine the SEO needs of your clientele. Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

· What are the features needed by your clients?
· How easy is it to reach their customer support and get answers?

You need to review carefully the service offerings of the SEO agency. Some common SEO services you need to look for are website audits, link building, keyword ranking tracking, white label reporting, and more.

Review Portfolio

Do not forget to ask for and review the portfolio of the white label SEO service provider. The portfolio of the SEO agency would show every facet of the inbound marketing, search engine optimization expertise, and the craft of the SEO specialists in every engagement.

Every digital agency is more likely to have a customized strategy for different SEO activities. Only a good SEO agency would offer customized strategies for both, SEO activities and clients. The portfolio of the SEO agency should cover technical SEO, link building, content strategy, digital strategy and measurement planning, and reputation management to name a few.

Check SEO Agency’s Experience and Track Record

Whether you are approaching a small or big SEO agency, you need to look for experience and track record of the agency. It is easy for anyone to set up an SEO agency and tell clients they are an SEO expert. The truth is it takes many years of SEO experience to know what truly works.

Any SEO agency can pay for Google AdWords and get their client’s ads on the first pages of the search engine results page. You need to look for an SEO agency who has managed to bring their client’s website on first search engine results page organically.

Check Pricing

Budgeting is an important factor when working with a white label SEO services provider. There is no such thing as buying at wholesale prices and double the price and sell them at retail. In fact, there is no perfect formula for solutions pricing and there are several factors to consider.

You need to analyze your competitors in your market and find out their pricing structure.
You need to understand how your competitors are pricing their solutions and what is included in the SEO packages.

Based on your pricing research and competitive analysis, you need to negotiate solutions pricing with the white label service provider which would work for you and also meet your client expectations.

Check the Technology Expertise

Search engine optimization keeps changing. In the initial years, SEO activities were centered on desktop users but the marketing landscape has changed drastically. Today, the SEO agency needs to pay attention to the ever-growing mobile users and the way they access online content.

The SEO agency should have a clear technology standpoint for different SEO activities. But how do you know about the technology used by the SEO firm? The answer is by asking the right questions to the SEO agency like:

· Do you use tools like Moz?
· Do you use standard APIs for keyword research or backlink analysis?

Not only the agency should be able to develop strong marketing campaigns but also should be capable of using the right tools to measure progress and results of the SEO activities.

These useful tips would help you get a right SEO partner on board which allows you to focus on core business competencies while the white label SEO services provider meets the client’s need for different SEO services.

Do you know any other tips that would help select right white label SEO Company? Please feel free to comment.

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