Top Three Questions to Ask Your Digital Agency


Advertising is the main means for your company to expand and continue to grow, no matter how small or big you are. Traditional marketing as well can only go so far in the world these days. With a large number of people using the internet daily, and fewer people listening to the radio and watching television, you’ll need to expand into the digital scene in order to have cost-effective marketing strategies. To get the best chance at creating a successful digital marketing campaign, you should consider hiring a digital agency in Austin.

With their expertise, a digital agency in Austin can provide you with something eye-catching and captivating that brings many people to your website. However, a lot of digital agencies talk a big game, but often fail in the follow-through.

So, how do you weed out the chafe when it comes to hiring a digital agency in Austin? During your first meetings, or even first emails with a digital agency, you should ask them these top three questions.

Can You Show Me Examples of Your Previous Digital Marketing Campaigns, and How They Were Successful?

The first thing you should be inquiring about when you are considering hiring a digital agency in Austin is their success record, and a sample of their previous digital marketing campaigns. Often, a digital agency will, on their website, have a section that is labeled as portfolio, or case studies. While many companies will have a digital agency sign a non-disclosure agreement, or specifically ask for their campaigns not to be included in a portfolio, every digital agency should have a portfolio of some sort.

When conversing directly with a digital agency in Austin, you can ask for details about specific successful campaigns to see if they can explain to you how they were successful, and why the business grew because of their campaign. You can even ask if they have had failed campaigns (most will have at least one failed campaign), and ask what they have learned from it.

Do You Have Specific Proficiencies, and Are You a 360 Degree Marketing Service?

There are a lot of different aspects to digital marketing, from social media marketing and SEO to web design, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. When you first look up a digital agency in Austin and talk with them, if they claim to be experts at all aspects and will do everything in-house, unless they are a huge agency, you may not get the best work out of them, or they are fibbing.

It is not uncommon for a digital agency to work with other agencies for specific parts of a digital marketing campaign. If the digital agency in Austin you choose really excels at social media marketing and SEO, then it is perfectly acceptable for them to outsource e-commerce or web design. Using external teams to give you the best possible high-quality campaign works to your advantage, especially if you don’t want to manage working with multiple agencies yourself. If it looks like the digital agency isn’t large enough to go it alone, but they try to talk up being able to do it all in-house, then you may want to consider checking out another agency.

How Often Will You Report Progress, and What Will Be In Your Reports?

Good communication is the key to a good business relationship, every time. From the onset, you should work out a reporting schedule with the digital agency in Austin that you choose. You and the digital agency should have expectations set so that you aren’t calling the agency too often for updates, bothering them, and so they aren’t sending out too few progress reports, giving you little information on the progress of the digital marketing campaign they crafted for you.

The digital agency in Austin should give you a clear indication of what their reports will include, and how often they will send you reports. It could be weekly reports, monthly reports or yearly reports, or most likely a mix of the three, but they should let you know the information you should expect in them.

Reasonable expectations on the length of time a marketing campaign will take should also be set by the digital agency in Austin you choose; this will allow you to know what to expect on the reports you get, and how long it’ll actually take to see results. Week one results are not likely to be blowing you out of the water, but a year one report should show clear progress.

If a digital marketing agency isn’t willing to show you proper progress reports and proof of campaign success, doesn’t give you a clear indication on their proficiencies and where they will outsource, and doesn’t give you samples of previous campaigns, then you need to move on to another digital agency in Austin that will.

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