What Must You Remember While Advertising on Baidu in English?


Baidu is the foremost search engine in China, and it is a must that companies that wish to earn the right market share in China must opt for Baidu advertising. You will have to consider one practical point; the bulk of the Chinese population believes the credibility of Baidu and hence the ad materials promoted through Baidu are likely to have a much more popular response than the other ways of advertising. There are various formalities that companies will have to watch out while advertising through Baidu. Hence, it is only sensible to get in touch with an SEO agency that is thorough with these formalities and who has hands-on experience in performing such tasks. Such leading agencies will be able to guide you properly as regards the subject of advertising on Baidu in English.

Advertising on Baidu in English – How to?

• Baidu is the popular search engine in China, and as Chinese people are ardently in love with the local language Mandarin, companies that plan to enter the Chinese market will have to build a Chinese website. The website should be in the local language, and remember, the language you use must be simple to the core so that the contents remain comprehensible to all population segments.

• After the website creation, companies will have to furnish all the business particulars such as the certificates of registration & tax clearance, the screenshot of the website, etc., to the Baidu. Once you give these and all other related documental proofs as wanted by the Baidu, they will conduct the verification process.

• If the Baidu team finds that your documents are perfect and in sync with their requirements, they will ask you to deposit a fixed amount, which is par for the course of Baidu registration. You will also have to pay the annual service fee.

Some of the main advertisement programs that Baidu offers are PPC Advertising, Baidu TV, Baidu Brand Zone, and Pay-for-Placement (P4P). All of these will be effective, as Baidu will reach a vast section of the Chinese population. That said, it is only prudent to hire a well-established SEO company to have effective advertising on Baidu in English.

• PPC Advertising allows companies to put their ads on the SERP, and this is a great opening for the advertisers. Baidu is the most accepted search engine, and the advertisement will travel across a broad spectrum of people. This reach will assure you grand traffic and consequently, the sales revenue.

• Baidu Pay-for-Placement (P4P) will give the advertisers the option to choose the ad positioning; they can bid for the same. However, here Baidu will take into account the quality score of the bidder and the price linked to the keyword.

• Baidu Brand Zone is another viable option, and going in with this option gives the advertiser the possibility of controlling the search engine results to a great deal. The advertiser can go for the above fold option, which will be visible to the searcher at one glance.

• Baidu TV is a unique advertisement option that Baidu offers to its union members, by which the advertiser can place the ad material on selected websites and preferred pages. Many companies prefer this option.

Hire an Experience Company

When you entrust the task of advertising on Baidu in English to a well established and experienced SEO firm, then you are sure to get the resultant dividends. Such an agency will have the desired requisites and the professional skills that will make the Baidu advertising winning. You can easily find the leading SEO companies that have experience search engine marketing in China. However, you must be prudent while picking the agency; you must choose the best from the list. The main thing that one will have to take into consideration is the experience of the firm; of course, you can find out this from the client list provided by the companies on the website. If there are sufficient numbers of clients, then you can deem the SEO agency as an experienced one. By hiring such a company, you can certainly make your company website come on the initial spots in the search engine result page (SERP).

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