What Takes an Advertising Agency to the Top, and What Can They Do for You?


How does a firm go from being like the rest to being considered a top advertising agency? More importantly, what does that mean for a company that wants to work with the best?

Let’s break down the steps required to be a top advertising agency Los Angeles, and why that journey is important for businesses at every level who want to do something different with their advertising.

Step 1: Industry Clout

Despite being one of the largest industries in the world, advertising can actually be a pretty small community sometimes. That means there are a lot of people that have a chance to break in and make a name for themselves—and there are lots of people who talk to each other about what’s happening in the industry. One of the most consistent ways to become a top advertising agency is to start a chatter in this community.

While many small agencies try to break off from this group, everyone inside knows that getting your name in industry publications like Adweek and on the lips of influential figures is the first step to becoming a top advertising agency. If you make a name for yourself in the industry, it means you could be contacted by bigger firms to help on projects, and that helps you network with bigger clients, growing your own name while learning from the established community.

Step 2: Something Splashy

After an agency has made a name for themselves in the industry, it’s time to get the attention of people who aren’t religiously reading trade magazines. At this point, it’s about doing what every top advertising agency does consistently: grab attention.

There are many ways for smaller agencies who want to be a top advertising agency to get attention. The most common way is to take risks and have them pay off. That could involve expanding a product’s usual demographic, trying out a new way of advertising or anything else that gets attention outside of just the industry itself.

Step 3: Provable Results

Making a splash is important. What’s more important is having the data to back up the effectiveness of that splash. Going viral is less important these days. Our attention spans are short. What matters is capitalizing on that attention in tangible ways. Having the creativity to get attention is the first half. What separates the ambitious from the successful is backing it up with data that shows results. Every top advertising agency balances both.

Step 4: Reputation Building

Your advertising agency has made a name for themselves, has done a campaign that made a splash, and has data to back up its effectiveness. What now? Something that’s ongoing: building that reputation. Many agencies try to gain notoriety, and that can be effective, but every top advertising agency knows that gaining a reputation for good work and great client management is more important. And it is focusing on the work and the client that separates the scrappy from the best.

Step 5: Constant Innovation

Stagnation. It kills in every industry, but much more quickly in advertising. The industry moves particularly fast, and that means more agencies fall from grace than stay consistently in the top. The ones that can claim to be a top advertising agency for a long time never sit still and never get comfortable. They constantly change and innovate so their work and their campaigns stay ahead of the curve rather than riding the coattails of others.

Why working with a Top Advertising Agency is important

Do you want innovation? Great work? An agency that knows how to treat its clients? Then you need to go with a top advertising agency. When you work with the best, you will know. Only the top agencies have gone through all of these steps to be considered one of the greats, now and into the future. Only by choosing a top advertising agency will you get a campaign that elevates your company to new levels of success. Don’t settle for good. Instead, look for agencies that have proven they have what it takes to be considered the best, and to stay in that position. They are the only ones who can get you where you want to go.

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