What to Look for When Choosing a Voice Marketing Agency


The challenge of marketing has always been how rapidly technology has shifted around it, causing marketing strategies to become obsolete quickly (or if not obsolete, then at least very limited in the range and demographic that marketing strategy will reach). It’s a full-time job keeping up with the shifts in technological trends and in mastering the algorithms needed to fully profit off of those trends—that’s why there are marketing agencies available to your company. It is also important, however, that you remain aware of the growing trends so you can ensure you are working with the best marketing agency. Right now, there is a new trend on the horizon. More and more people are using AI assistants (like Google Home Mini), and this shift to audio automation is driving visual marketing towards obsoletion. You don’t just need to ensure you are working with a good marketing agency anymore; now you need to modernize your ad campaigns with the help of a voice marketing agency.

What is voice marketing?

Voice marketing is all about translating your current marketing strategies into an algorithmic language that will be compatible with artificial intelligence platforms. This will ensure you don’t miss your target audience, and it isn’t something you should hesitate on for long. Investing in a good voice marketing agency now will ensure your marketing campaign isn’t leaving any gaps that will interfere with your company’s goal achievement.

Why is voice marketing different?

Voice marketing has to appeal to AI platforms, which means it needs to meet a whole new set of algorithms if it’s going to stay relevant to voice marketing trends. This isn’t a big stretch from the way other marketing trends work, but what is different is the format. Voice marketing does completely change the way your marketing campaigns are presented. Now they need to meet voice search algorithms, and they need to be formatted in such a way that they can sound appealing to your consumers when voiced through the AI assistant. That AI assistant is going to become the voice for your company and your brand, and that means your marketing strategy will need to shape itself to remain appealing through the AI voice while still enabling optimisation. These are the complexities your voice marketing agency will need to embrace.

How to find the right voice marketing agency

You don’t just need to find a voice marketing agency; you need to find a voice marketing agency that understands the implications of the shift from digital and visual to AI platforms. Looking for these six features during a consultation will help ensure you’ve found the right one.

1) They can explain voice marketing to you.

Voice marketing is still relatively new, and it carries a lot more potential for future change. You want your voice marketing agency to be able to inform you of the changes implicit in a shift to voice marketing, the challenges and issues of getting there, and you want them to have the foresight to be able to anticipate future changes so they can incorporate room for that into the voice marketing campaign they create for you.

2) They can strategize.

You want your voice marketing agency to be able to formulate a strategy for converting your current marketing campaign into a voice marketing campaign.

3) Qualifications and credentials.

A good voice marketing agency will have the proper certifications and experience working with voice marketing algorithms—and they should be able to pitch to you a trajectory for how those algorithms will shift as AI marketing becomes more advanced.

4) They have an understanding of your company’s true voice—its brand.

It’s okay to walk away from a voice marketing agency that has good qualifications and credentials if you don’t feel they understand or comply with the image or brand of your company. Visual or not, you still want your company’s brand to be able to speak through the AI interface so it can continue to appeal to your clients.

5) Contact is key.

A good voice marketing agency is easy to get in touch with and will present a plan for keeping you in the loop.

6) Don’t undervalue the importance of price This may not be the most important factor, but a good voice marketing agency will be able to meet all of these requirements while still remaining within your marketing budget.

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