Search Engine Marketing Tips for Your Online Business


Importance of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the overall term given to the varied techniques applied to get more traffic to websites. These include related advertising, paid search, organic placement, etc. In SEM, the traffic to the related website comes because of paid tactics. The main idea is to get into numerous other customer segments, other than that come through the organic search. The overall intention of performing SEM is getting enhanced traffic from all possible sources.

General Benefits of SEM

You will be able to create productive online leads, which will result in sales. When you can do the SEM convincingly and persuasively, then there will be augmentation in your website traffic. The customers will have no confusion, as they will get a lot of information from different sources. Whenever they search through the internet for related products or services, the promotional material of your website will pop up on their screens. Such a situation will prompt them to visit your website. If they feel satisfied with the items, they will take a chance and buy your products and services. This method will become practically useful to boost your business. You will be able to earn extra market share by exploring new customer segments. By conducting handy SEM works, you will be able to retain the existing line of customers. Remember, customer retention is also significant; you will have to take care of this matter, along with the efforts to gain new clientele. Hence, along with carrying out the SEM tasks, you must not neglect to do the required SEO to make your website rank top.

Search Engine Marketing Tips for Your Online Business

Ø Creating a functional website is a must for online transactions. The website must be customer-oriented and must be easily navigable. There must be an option for quick transactions.

Ø The SEM manager must be well aware of the aspirations of the targeted audience as regards to the related product or service promoted. The company that is going to perform the SEM must conduct market studies to get the precise market pulse as regard the varied customer segments. This research will enable the company to decide where to put the target advertisement, PPC, etc.

Ø Create useful contents; these can be blogs, articles, case studies, or guest posts; let whatever be the basic structure of the created content, keyword usage is highly significant. Here, one must take care to create the qualitatively good contents, from which the readers will get various information. Besides, it is very important to do content creation frequently, at regular intervals.

Ø One must take care to use the generally used search words as keywords or key phrases. A casual customer who has just searched for a similar product must reach your website.

Ø Social networks are highly active in our time, and hence, it will be only prudent to get involved in such sites. This active participation will create brand awareness as regards your products or services. This platform will be a functional channel for the existing and prospective clients for having interactions with you.

Ø One must definitely use the Pay per Click (PPC) option. You can manage these advertisements on Search Engines. This is a practical way to attract the attention of new clients.

Ø You can also try the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring the maximum possible organic search to your site. Here, you can try both the onsite and offsite optimizations.

Search Engine Marketing

In Houston, there are distinct customer segments, and all these sections hold potential customers. To draw on this prevailing possibility, it is imperative that one should try all the feasible ways. Here pops up the need for a professionally capable SEO company, which is well-versed with the diverse technicalities of the SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In brief, for effective Houston Search Engine Marketing, it is vital that you should get in touch with a technically equipped and experienced SEO company, which has performed such jobs earlier in Houston. You must also ensure that the employees are well qualified and trained.

The Role of the Digital Marketing Agency to Improve Your Business


With 1.3 billion Chinese customers online, the Chinese market is arguably one of the biggest in the world. However, the market is difficult to break into since Google, Facebook, Twitter are being blocked. The only solution is working with a China digital marketing agency.

Here are some ways in which a digital marketing agency can improve your business.

Effective Use of Social Media Platforms

As mentioned earlier, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China. However, this does not mean the Chinese audience does not use social media platforms. For example, Weibo and Wechat are two popular social media platforms in China. But western countries are unfamiliar with these Chinese social media platforms.

Weibo is projected to surpass 400 million users by 2021. It has evolved into an entertaining platform that encompasses features of Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit into one.

Chinese digital marketing agencies know the marketing potential of these social media platforms and use them effectively to improve your business.

Smarter Use of Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC is different from Google Ads in several aspects. If you think marketing strategies that worked on Google Ads would work on Baidu PPC, you are making a big mistake. Unlike Google where English is the dominant language, Baidu PPC success rate entirely depends on a better understanding of Chinese language and culture.

Baidu has evolved to better optimize its search technology to the needs of the Chinese audience. The Chinese language is complex and there are several words that have different meanings when used in different contexts. Baidu’s search algorithms give lots of importance to the relevance of the context in which the words are used in the content.

A good Chinese digital marketing agency will ensure the information feed ads are loaded with organic content and are also displayed in content-driven Baidu products like Baidu News, Baidu Forum, and more that will draw more customers.

Content Localization

If you are planning to reach the Chinese audience, the localization of content is important than anything else. For better engagement, the marketing material needs to be written in Mandarin Chinese with pertinent cultural references.

The digital marketing agency can play an important role in creating marketing materials that engage local Chinese audience. It can help you decide what content needs to be produced in Chinese from scratch. The China digital marketing agency can also help your business with the following tasks.

  • Create a Mandarin Chinese website for your business
  • Create a microsite to support a specific campaign
  • Landing pages in Chinese
  • Copywriting for advertising in the Chinese language
  • Copywriting for email campaigns in the Mandarin Chinese language


To reach a maximum number of Chinese consumers, your website should achieve top ranking on Baidu. The competition for the top position on Baidu’s SERP is immense and you need effective SEO strategies to beat the competition.

According to reports, Baidu holds 75% of the China market. Though Google is blocked in China, it still remains as one of the options for Chinese people to search for information.

A good digital marketing agency would conduct a site audit for SEO purpose and perform Chinese keyword research. To get higher position in SERPs, the digital marketing agency would also perform on-page optimization and create a high-quality link network. All these SEO activities would increase organic traffic to your website that would improve your business.

Help in E-commerce Setup

China has the world’s largest e-commerce market. To build a successful e-commerce store and reach Chinese consumers, you need to have a good understanding of banking and regulation guidelines and Chinese payment system.

To set up an e-commerce store for Chinese customers you need to also learn about e-commerce platforms that are not blocked in China. A digital marketing agency can prove helpful to set up an e-commerce store to attract Chinese consumers.

The competition in China market is huge with Western and native Chinese companies vying to create a space for themselves. Working with a China digital marketing agency will help you reach the Chinese audience in an easier way and ensure you achieve your business goals faster.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment.



The Benefits of Using the Services of an Advertising Company


If you own or operate a business in Texas, you can benefit from partnering with an advertising company in Austin to meet your marketing goals. Even if your company does some in-house advertising or marketing, by enlisting the services of a professional, you can spread the word on your business and gain new customers faster than you’d ever believe possible. When working with a professional advertising company in Austin, you can take your marketing plan – and your business – to the next level.

Trust the Experienced Advertising Professionals

There are many benefits of using the services of an advertising company in Austin. They are the marketing professionals who know exactly how to attract an audience. These companies have the knowledge and the experience behind them, and they understand what it takes to stand out. With years of ad campaigns in their portfolios, advertising companies know exactly what works and what doesn’t. This vast experience in the world of advertising is something that simply cannot be achieved within your organization’s internal marketing department. A smaller, in-house marketing team simply does not have the same available resources as an external agency. Ad agencies are made up of a whole team of individuals who have worked on hundreds (if not thousands) of marketing campaigns, for everyone from small businesses to major corporations. These professionals know the advertising world and having worked with a diverse group of companies in the past; they know exactly what it takes to stand out among the crowd.

Boosting Your Company’s Brand

Especially in the cases of new business ventures or companies that are struggling to gain a following, hiring an advertising company in Austin can make all the difference in building the recognition of your brand. No matter what kind of company you own, each business is its own brand. You are not simply providing a product or a service to your customers. In order to become truly successful, you need brand recognition and brand loyalty from your customers. Advertising companies recognize that the building of a brand involves thousands of moments in which you can connect with consumers. Every interaction that is had between your brand and a customer is an opportunity to reinforce what your company believes in. The individual impressions that your brand makes on its customers are moments. These can include advertising moments, social moments, transactional moments, and more. When all of these individual moments add up, they create a powerful, lasting impression and create a sense of brand love. A great advertising company in Austin will not only successfully sell a company’s product or service to a customer – they will create a sense of brand love or loyalty that will keep that customer coming back for more.

Gain an Outside Perspective on Your Organization

It can be difficult for an internal marketing team to recognize what makes your business stand out from the rest, simply because they are too close to see it. By hiring an external advertising company in Austin, you gain the opportunity to gather a fresh perspective on your brand. These external ad teams are often working with hundreds of companies at once, allowing them to see first-hand what is happening in many different industries at the same time, compare and contrast the services and products offered, and determine what angle would be the best approach to take when promoting the uniqueness of your brand.

Working with a team outside of your organization can assist you in finding your brand’s voice, identity, positioning and customer journey. Advertising companies also keep a close eye on the data and analytics behind all of their marketing campaigns, which will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your brand and the effect that it has on your consumer. This ensures that every decision made along the way is informed and every impact is measured. You will come to understand who your customers are and what compels them to remain loyal to your brand. Forging a real relationship with your customers is possible with the assistance of an advertising company in Austin that can take your company’s marketing plan and turn it into a lifestyle based around your brand. If you’ve only worked with internal marketing teams in the past, it’s about time to see what a fresh perspective can do.

Video Marketing Service and Why it Succeeds Nowadays?


Video marketing is going to outrank all types of marketing communication in the coming days. According to Wyzowl statistics, 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to learn about a product instead of reading texts. And 84% of consumers purchase product after watching a brand’s video. Many businesses have started realizing the importance of video marketing services as well. This is why 63% of businesses have already started using videos as their primary marketing tool. And out of those, 82% of businesses find the video as an important integral part of their marketing initiatives.

This is the right time to go for video marketing before the market gets saturated. Not just because every other business trying to join the bandwagon but because this is the most profitable and versatile online marketing tool available today.

If you are still not convinced or want to find out more about the importance of video marketing, then the following five reasons will help you make a decision. Take a look.

#1 Gives a Good Return-on-Investment

ROI is the key success factor for every business. You might have the financial capability to invest money on a marketing initiative but if it doesn’t generate a good return-on-investment, your business will have a miserable future.

The good news is that 83% of businesses acknowledged that video marketing offers good ROI. Even though you might find video production is challenging and not an economic marketing tool but it pays off big time. Most importantly, with the sheer rise of advanced online video editing tools, video production and marketing is becoming more sophisticated and cost-effective. You can even use your smartphone to produce decent videos.

#2 Boosts Conversions

We did a market research on video marketing service recently and found that many businesses still wary of going for video because they think it’s not a money-making tool. That’s not true at all! Here are some stats that prove why video is the best money-making marketing tool you can ever have.

● According to a report by Unbounce, by including a video on your landing page, you can increase conversions by 80%.

● As per a report by ReelSEO, by incorporating a video on your website’s home page, you can boost conversions by 20% or even more.

● According to Wyzowl, 72% of businesses acknowledged that having a video marketing strategy has improved the conversion rate of their website.

● 64% of businesses believe that videos have directly increased their sales.

#3 Helps You Get Love from Google

Google has a simple rule for ranking websites or videos. If you provide good content to users, Google will make sure your content reaches the maximum by putting your brand to the top of search engine result pages (SERP). And this is where video marketing service can help.

Videos help you increase the time spent by visitors on your website. This gives a signal to Google algorithms that your site has good content and able to connect with your audience for a longer period. The search giant will then push your site to the top of the SERP.

According to a report, your website will be 53x more likely to show up on the first page of SERP if you embed a video on your website.

Also, remember the biggest video platform YouTube is owned by Google. So optimizing your videos for YouTube will also improve your brand visibility both on Google and YouTube.

#4 Helps You Explain Difficult Concepts Easily

One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is that you can explain any type of concepts or messages easily. A video comes with many different formats such as explainer and animated videos. Just choose the one that works best for your business or product and you will be good.

For example, to explain a complex concept, you can produce animated videos as it’s a perfect mixture of simplicity, emotion, and nostalgia.

Similarly, if you have a newly launched product, you can create explainer video to help potential customers learn the benefits of your product. Reports suggest, 98% of users watch explainer videos to learn more about a product.

So do you think you can ignore video marketing service to communicate your message? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Video Production Services – Benefits for Your Small Business to Using Video Marketing


The quality of video production, the knowledge of the production team, and understanding of video production techniques all impact the final video. When it comes to developing video marketing content for your small business you want to make sure that the video content representing your brand is well produced. Further, if the video is creative, visually appealing and detailed, it is bound to leave a strong impact on the viewer and increase retention, recall and memory.

With social media, video marketing has become an powerful channel to reach customers and clients. With that in mind, as small business owners seek to integrate video marketing into their efforts, let’s focus on the benefits small businesses can reap by outsourcing video marketing efforts to video production companies which offer a diverse set of film production services.

Benefits of Video Production Services to Small Businesses

1. Your video production services partner will manage the production team

Your small business is focused on the job at hand – which keeps the wheels of your business turning. If your small business does not deal with film production in any manner, it makes no sense to burden your workforce with the added responsibility of becoming an in-house film production team. Instead you are better off finding a video production services provider who can partner with you on your video marketing efforts. By finding a video production company that you can work closely with – they’ll have the production team, as well as the expertise to efficiently manage the video production and help you create content that tells your story.

2. You don’t need any filming equipment

Another expense to consider if you’re thinking about taking video production in-house – is the equipment that is used to produce the marketing collateral. This can start with a camera and quickly grow from there to include a litany of other other devices including tripods, lights, audio equipment, as well as any number of tools to stabilize or capture shots with movement. The fact of the matter is there’s a lot of gear to consider – and of course knowledge on how to use that gear – for a small business that’s a lot of added expense and expertise to have in-house. Whereas if you work with a video production services firm they will have all the tools of the trade to capture your corporate video production or video marketing assets.

3. Expertise and Experience

Another advantage of working with a video production services company is access to the vast experience and expertise these companies have. These organizations have video producers and the various technicians that can help to capture and craft your video assets, as well as guide the production and work with with your team to ensure the production meets your vision. When you work with a video production services firm – you’re able to efficiently achieve your vision and tap into the power of video marketing for your small business.

4. Quick Turnaround Time

Film production companies that offer video production services deal with video production on a daily basis and help multiple brands and companies coming from a wide array of business verticals. That said, they should be able to help you quickly execute your video production strategy, rather then having to first train and internal team on how to utilize the equipment and then execute the production. Further, video production companies know how to work on last-minute changes, tight schedules and adhering to the deadlines identified for each video production project.

5. Latest Trends and Techniques

Your business is no different than so many others. Making the investment in a video marketing strategy – which will help to reach customers and drive the business forward. To that end, you want video production that is professionally done, on-message, and produced using the latest tools. The video production companies your speaking with will be familiar with producing corporate video content in 4K, as well as using a number of tools and techniques that allow your organization to produce video marketing content with a professional feel. Further, working with a professional video producer will allow your own business to share the latest trends and techniques within your own field.

So, if you are a small or large business that is looking to adopt a video marketing strategy, finding the right video production services partner will go a long way to achieving success and allowing your organization to identify, develop and produce corporate video content that resonates with your audiences.

Why Concept Testing in New Product Development is Important


Concept testing is a great way for companies to get in touch with customers’ needs and generate innovative ideas when it comes to new product development. Here are some of the reasons why concept testing in new product development will help your company’s success.

What is Concept Testing?

Concept testing is the process of collecting qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate consumer responses to a new product development idea. Researchers rely on an array of methods to solicit customer responses, employing surveys, written statements, images, or graphics to gauge customer responses to a new product concept. The data collected provides companies and product manufacturers with important information that can save them time and money in the long run on development and marketing costs. In other words, concept testing in new product development essentially allows companies to ‘pitch’ new product ideas to potential customer bases, soliciting customer feedback and reactions.

Coming up with a new idea for a product is an arduous process in and of itself. Multiple ideas are pitched and thrown out while only a select few make it to the concept testing stage. Concept testing in new product development is an absolutely essential way for developers and researchers to determine what aspects of a new product need to be altered or eliminated in order to appeal to customers, allowing companies to cut down on unnecessary production, labor, and marketing costs.

When Does Concept Testing Occur?

Concept testing in new product development occurs before a product is introduced to the market. Thus, developers can work out any ‘glitches’ with a product before spending time and money on manufacturing and advertising costs. Concept testing doesn’t only allow for researchers to evaluate customer responses to the product itself, however. Researchers can also evaluate best practices involved in marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s important to recognize that concept testing focuses predominantly on the product concept or idea; it is not necessarily the same as marketing or advertising texting.

Concept testing in new product development also allows researchers and develops to stay attuned to changing market trends. Through the data collected, researchers can evaluate what types of products customers are interested in, or can identify an unfulfilled niche in product development, thus anticipating customer needs. Concept testing helps companies get closer to the customers they serve because customers will provide helpful and genuine feedback regarding the new product or service the company is pitching. As businesses and organizations look to launch a new product or invest in the development of a new product idea, concept testing is a valuable way for companies to identify the unique perceptions, wants, and needs of the intended market.

All Feedback is Good Feedback

Of course, some product concepts will solicit unfavorable responses, in which case businesses and organizations will have to go back to the drawing board, as it were, either tweaking their concept ideas based on the feedback provided, or scrapping the idea altogether. Few new product companies receive overwhelmingly positive reviews by test audiences, so the majority of concept testing projects understand that it’s a process of revision, revision, revision, until the concept is just right.

The feedback that companies and organizations get from concept testing in new product development aids them in creating the best possible products, or in investing in the best possible product idea to appeal to their customers. Sometimes, companies will research various markets, depending on how large a market-base they are looking for. Both small and large companies participate in concept testing because the advantages it provides far outweigh the expenses associated with it.

Competitive Markets

Businesses are perhaps in more competition with one another than they have ever been before. As the world becomes increasingly more globalized and online shopping is quickly becoming the norm, companies find themselves having to come up with new and smarter ways to develop and market new products. Concept testing in new product development helps companies differentiate between a good idea and a great one, helping them to offer customers only the best new products. It’s a consumer’s world out there, after all, and companies need not only to be accountable to their customers, but also to be highly aware of consumer perceptions, needs, and desires. The way that people do business has certainly changed with the onset of the new millennium, and companies must keep up with the trends in order to stay competitive.

Concept testing in new product development is a great way for companies and organizations to assess customer trends and desires when at the preliminary stages of a product’s development.

The Crucial Elements to a Successful Corporate Video Production


Corporate videos are used for several business purposes such as showcasing mission statement, company announcements, launching a product, or training videos, etc. but how do you ensure your corporate video has everything needed to be successful?

Corporate Video production is a complex process.  Here are the five crucial elements needed for a successful corporate video.


For starters your video production company should have an in depth conversation about the message that you want to convey.  Knowing this will inform how the corporate video is developed. Depending on what messages you want to communicate the video production company may recommend that you not try to cram everything into one corporate video. For example, having an organized approach to presenting your content in video format will better resonate with your audience.  So, it may be better to break content down into smaller digestible segments. The corporate video producer you choose to work with will be able to outline a sensible strategy to develop video content focused on your messaging.


A good blueprint services as the foundation of a great video; it is an important element that guides the corporate video production.

The blueprint is an overview of how the corporate video producer and your team see the video shaping up.  It will identify all of the layers of your video production including visuals, audio cues, and graphics.  Further, it will identify where the video will be shot and identify key visuals and key messages to ensure that the corporate video is completely on message.

This blueprinting process during pre-production, takes a huge role in guiding both the production, and post-production process.  For example it will identify if you have an ideal location for the shoot? What do you need at the location to shoot a particular sequence?  What are the best light positions at the location?  In terms of post-production it will guide the editing team as to what the final video(s) are and what should be included in each.


Once you have defined your message and have a strategy, you need to determine the budget for the corporate video production.  Knowing your budget beforehand also allows you to narrow down your choices and determine what is possible within the budget; your corporate video producer will be able to guide you and help you make the most efficient and cost-effective video production.  To that end, it is recommended that you seek a corporate video production company that works on a flat-rate; an experienced video producer will be able to understand your project and know what it will cost to produce and be able to provide you with a flat-rate so that there are no budgetary surprises.

Target Audience

If you want better results from the marketing campaign, you need to clearly define your target audience. Defining target audience means building buyer personas which is often a complex process.

By knowing the audience, the corporate video production company, can help steer your video production in a direction that will speak to that audience. One of the great aspects of producing video these days is the ability to narrowcast or highly define the audience that you are producing the video to reach.  So, you may produce a video for a specific sales need, or to educate a targeted internal or external audience.

Video Duration

The duration of a video is an important metric that affects lead conversions. People have a short attention span and majority of the viewers will move to different video or content after watching few seconds of your video.

As per Wistia, a video hosting company, the ideal length of the video is 2 minutes.   The company also says a 90-second video is as effective as 30-second video; for marketing purposes you should always aim to keep the video length within 2 minutes.  However, speak with your corporate video producer to determine what is right for your particular corporate video production project.

Do you have great ideas for successful corporate video production?  Feel free to share in comments.

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