Advertising Agencies Play a Key Role in Expanding Your Business


Companies today have a different life cycle than they did previously. Obviously, startups existed long before the term became popular, but they are also completely different in how they grow and expand. Today, they are often grown internally with very little relationship with other agencies. Oftentimes, they will rely on internal staff doing many different roles, which works extremely well for a while. Eventually, however, a company will get to the size that external expertise is not only required but is the safest and most affordable way towards future success. And at these times, companies look for advertising agencies Los Angeles.

Despite the many examples of companies seeing problems by relying exclusively on internal advertising, many companies refuse to use advertising agencies in Los Angeles. There are, however, many benefits and advantages to looking outside your own organization for advertising. Here are just a few reasons why you should.

1. Get an Outside Perspective

Perhaps one of the biggest and best examples of the pitfalls of relying on your own team is the Pepsi commercial with Kendall Kardashian from 2017. The retribution was near-instant online. The ad was almost immediately pulled from circulation, with apologies for its content coming from the company and the ad’s star. It was also the first ad Pepsi released using their exclusively in-house ad team that was announced the year previous. Since then, Pepsi has used advertising agencies in Los Angeles alongside their in-house team to ensure a synergy of great content that has an outsider’s perspective.

So how could an outsider’s perspective have saved Pepsi in this instance? When companies only use internal teams and reviews, they often can’t see what everyone else sees, or they may not have their pulse on the culture happening around their product. Outside perspectives can argue for ideas that are less likely to cause the wrong kind of stir and help a business grow its presence in a new way, rather than an expanded version of what they have always done. Partnering with advertising agencies in Los Angeles can help switch things up.

2. Discover New Creativity

Speaking of switching things up, it’s important to call on advertising agencies in Los Angeles to inject some new creative life into your brand. When companies grow, especially when they grow rapidly, they tend to try and do what they have always done in their advertising, just on a grander scale. This may work for some companies—Sriracha for example has seen great success with their “no advertising” campaign—but for most companies, growing is a chance to expand to different markets and demographics. Using the same creative life may not help bridge those gaps.

Many companies head to advertising agencies in Los Angeles for brand new creative life that can help them update their look, feel, and messaging in anticipation of the next big leap in success. By using the right agency, you can help prepare your company and products for the world stage with a bold new direction that captures what worked in the past without being tied to it.

3. Tap into Your Niche in New Ways

Many products and businesses today start in a niche market before expanding outwards to the mainstream. And in these instances, they can create strong connections with everything from other companies to important influencers. Navigating those niche markets, however, can be difficult as you expand outwards, and advertising agencies in Los Angeles can help you leverage them in a way that will help you keep your core audience without alienating them.

The new world of startups has changed from how businesses used to work. Today, you can start small, but there comes a point where you have to grow, and to do so you need to grow properly. That is the perfect time to start searching for advertising agencies in Los Angeles.

If your company is looking for new levels of success or is experiencing growth that you want to capitalize on, then it may be time to shop advertising agencies in Los Angeles. The best agencies, especially in emerging markets like esports, can help you get creative, tap into your existing resources, and bring a necessary outside perspective to help your company grow and succeed.

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