Baidu PPC Versus Google AdWords: Three Key Differences


Baidu boasts of being the World’s largest Chinese search engine with a whooping 800 million users and earns over 80% of the sum of Chinese digital marketing advertisement revenue. With its 4th position world, it’s quite a consistent and top trusted search engine to Chinese consumers. Akin to Google, it hosts Wikipedia, Baidu Map, Baidu image and is a recognized as a trustworthy site for foreign company to kick start in China market. While comparing between Google AdWords with Baidu PPC Services, it is better to way that even if they are relatively similar in certain terms, there’re divergence also. Being a prospective marketer in China, before joining Baidu PPC, it’s vital for you to have an idea on these differences.

Google Adwords Vs Baidu PPC: Three Key Differences 

Paid Advertising Products

Google AdWords is equipped with an array of paid advertising products including display ads, text, shopping, search, video, and app ads.

On the contrary, when it comes to Baidu PPC, marketers can go for superior promotional plan with its wide range of exclusive and highly popular advertising products such as Brand Zone, Baidu Knowledge aside from display ads, text ads, information feed ads etc.

  • Information Feed Ads

Information feed ads are budget based advertisement plans that come in mixing with organic contents and are displayed through Baidu Forum, News, and others.

  • Brand Zone

A wonderful advertisement scheme designed for world-class companies to promote their products or brands is Brand Zone. Advertisers need to purchase keywords relevant to the products or brands and can have higher presence in Baidu’s SERPs. Even if, this is bit expensive, however, if dominating the other advertisers as well as competitors is your intend, the Brand Zone is an unbeatable choice. With this, you can get coverage on Baidu’s video, image, plus news also. The search page literally leaves no space on either side and thus avoids traffic loss and appears on the top of the page pushing all other competition ads down. In comparison to Baidu, Google’s ad is not much impressive, however consistent.

  • Baidu Knowledge

It is Baidu’s own product, which appears in organic Q&A model page and always gets higher rank in organic search product. Baidu Knowledge is a platform that can make you brand more popular in Chinese community given that, Baidu’s is the most trusted name in China.

Account Generation

Creating an account in Google Adwords is as simple as anything. Typically, the process takes only a few minutes and all you need to have is a Gmail account plus credit card.

When it comes to Baidu PPC account, the process is rather comprehensive before you reach your Chinese consumers.

First of all, like Google, Baidu is not entertaining customers directly while marketers need to go through Baidu’s authorized agencies to create account, advertise or making a payment. It’s therefore, to begin a voyage with Baidu, identify your Baidu PPC reseller. You will have to submit a series of official and legal documents and needed verification and approval from Baidu. Like

  • Your certificate of incorporate of business license;
  • The URL of your existing website
  • A copy of your Business License, or the Certificate of Incorporation (COI)
  • A fully translated copy of your website in Chinese language together with a declaration confirming that it’s just similar to the original website
  • Proof of patient and industry specific permit applicable for medicine, healthcare, financial institutes etc;
  • Payment need to be Chinese-friendly such as UnionPay or Alipay.

It takes around 30-60 days to get your website/ad displayed in Baidu PPC.

Fees and Payment

With Google AdWords you enjoy free of charge entry and require bidding based on your credit score to place ads. For big and regular businesses Google AdWords also allows monthly invoicing system depending on credibility.

To open an account in Baidu PPC account is equally free; however, to initiate running ads, enterprises are expected to keep a minimum deposit of 6,000 RBM equivalents to $900. This is where you need to make a constructive marketing plan and monthly budget of advertising to enjoy its maximum return. Another vital point is Baidu recommends businesses to pay 600 RMB, equivalent to $90 toward yearly verification. Followed by verification, your ad will appear on the page with a symbol of ‘V’. On clicking on the symbol, users can check a company’s score, web security, dealing safety, reputation etc. Especially for foreign companies stepping into China market, apart from boasting own legitimacy, the feature can give extra mileage to boost business.

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