Top Five Things to Look for in an SEO Expert


If you notice that your website is not generating business for you, it is time to hire an SEO expert. SEO experts will review your website and will ask about your business goals. Based on the same, they will give you a solution which will take you closer to your goals. Hiring an SEO expert requires research and efforts. Do not hire the first person that you meet. There are certain things you need to look for in an SEO expert.

1. Experience: The first thing to look for in an SEO expert is their experience. Google lays strong importance on domain strength and the ranking of the pages. Not all SEO experts are experts in real sense, they do not know what they are doing and with an ever increasing algorithm ranking factors, only a skilled professional will be able to help you. Google constantly changes its algorithms hence what worked a couple of years ago might not work today. A top SEO expert will know about the changes in the business and will help you with the same. If the SEO strategy does not change with the changes in Google’s algorithm, it could damage your page rankings. Hence an experienced SEO expert will be the right person to handle the changes made by Google while keeping your business at the top.

2. Understanding SEO: SEO is not easy to understand for a layman. It involves a range of facets which comprise of technical, on page optimization and off page optimization. This includes the use of right keywords, structure building of the website, optimization of the website and link building. For a success SEO strategy, it is important to hire an individual with thorough knowledge and understanding of SEO. The Houston SEO expert will be able to advise you on the best combination of the three. The expert will understand the limitations of your company and will keep your long term goals in mind so that any issues related to the search engine can be minimized.

3. Success record: Nothing speaks louder than a track record of success. Choosing an SEO expert for the business means choosing an individual who will be working to help your business grow and to move closer to your goals. A professional SEO expert will apply the latest tools and technology to your SEO strategy and will constantly keep learning about the changing aspects of search engine marketing. Learn about the clients they have catered to in the past so that you gain an insight on their success rate.

4. Marketing Knowledge: SEO is a part of digital marketing and it is similar to the traditional marketing techniques. The SEO expert should have in-depth knowledge of marketing in order to help build a strong content strategy for you. The content should be written in a manner that the consumers see value in the products and services offered by you. Understanding the tricks of marketing is very important. The right professionals will boost your website traffic and build a strong online presence for your business.

5. Understand your goals: Every business has specific goals to meet and you need to look for an SEO expert who understands your goals and helps you achieve the same. The SEO expert should build a strategy keeping you at the forefront and keeping your goals in mind. You need to be very specific with the expert with regard to your goals so as to enable them to make an effective strategy that works for you.

SEO experts in Houston understand the value of SEO and digital marketing. They will help you reach the top of your business with effective and efficient SEO strategy.

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